Le Salon Du Sake


Last October, I attended the Salon du Saké in Paris where I worked as a
translator (French to Japanese). My work also consisted at presenting
Sake made by the Kimon Akita Sake Brewery to visitors. As part of my
Job, I found out that there is a Franco-Japanese cheese shop called
Hisada in Paris that sells innovative cheese which is made by mixing
traditional French ingredients with Japanese ingredients such as Yuzu,
Wasabi or Macha green tea. Hisada also distributes a small range of Sake
from the Kimon Akita Sake Brewery which goes very well with their
cheese. Indeed, I tried one of their Yuzu coated chèvre cheese with one
of Akita's aged sake (Koshu) and plum liqueur (Umeshu) and I noticed
that the Sake would emphasise and make the flavor from the Yuzu cheese
stronger and nicer. There were many visitors at the Salon, some of them
were professionals but most of them were just here for leisure. I found
it interesting to see how Sake has became more and more popular in
France and how people are willing to learn more about it. This
opportunity allowed me to gain confidence in explaining and giving a
wide range of interesting information to customers.

Ps: As I was born and raised in Paris, I am terribly shocked and sad by
the terrorist attack that occured on Friday the 13th November. My
thoughts and prayers are with the victims. I hope that Paris will remain
as peaceful as it used to be and will be able to host in the future
other amazing cultural events and exhibitions!

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