Hello! Nice to meet you, my name is Karine. I am a 19 years old, half
French and half Japanese student, who was born and raised in Paris. I
currently study a degree in Fashion Communication and Styling in London.
Growing up with a Japanese mother and studying Japanese from
kindergarten to high school allowed me to have a good understanding of
its culture. I have always been very interested about the Japanese
traditional culture, and I believe that there is always more to discover
in my everyday life.

Sake is a important part of the Japanese gastronomic culture. I have
personally been always fascinated by its complex yet elegant taste.
Since my mum is a huge fan of Sake, she occasionally makes me taste it
when we have special dinners at home. As a matter of fact, I always
found that it went surprisingly well with a wide range of savoury
dishes. I decided to work for Sake Bijin UK in order to discover more
about Sake and learn how to marry it with cuisine.

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